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mardi 9 avril 2013


Hi beauties !
I took some time before posting something, but I did not had enough time, in my teenage life...
As you can see, i returned to brown and i prefer like this ! Well i still like black.

I think i'll change my blog a bit, start doing streetstyle, i love difference //. I want a blog where anyone could be there.
I often go out at night clubs, people are free, confident and different, this is what i want here.

dimanche 7 octobre 2012


I took this photo of my hand because i'm in love with my new paw bracelet !
i found it on ebay and very not expensive, about 2 or 3 dollars.

you should go on ebay and look for some great things like this !

lundi 27 août 2012


Hello guys !
i'm so happy to be back in paris, i missed my city so much you have no idea ! vacations were great, but here it's better. i have to post some photos of my holidays.

i'm wearing my favorite outfit, (as you can see) zara-coat, h&m-shirt, h&m-skirt, underground-creepers, celine-bag

samedi 25 août 2012


yesterdAy in Paris, the californian crew ofwgkta was at the trianon. These people are huge ! the ground shook, people get crazy, they gave us everything. cool guys

I was in the front, first, and when the crew arrived, i found myself at the bottom... but i'm happy, i saw Lucas Vercetti who's my kind of boy if you see what i mean (laughts)
great show, unforgettable !

oh and, on the left: the limited edition odd future beer bottle